1. Is your jewelry real gold?
Yes. All our jewelry is 18K gold plated. The base metal is sterling silver or stainless steel and will be indicated in the details of the product. 

2. What is gold plated?
Gold plated means that a layer of gold has been applied to a base metal through a chemical or electrical method. Our jewelry is plated with 18k gold and is designed to last.

3. Can you shower with Ace + Spade jewelry?
Yes, our jewelry is water-resistant. However to keep it lasting to it's fullest potential we suggest you remove your jewelry before showering or exercising. 

4. Does your jewelry tarnish?
With proper care your jewelry should not tarnish. We recommend visiting our Care page for more details on taking care of your jewels. Always store your jewelry in the pouch it is received in to ensure its longevity. 

5. Is it high quality?
Yes! 18k gold plated, water resistant, wearable 24/7 we offer the highest quality jewelry that you will be able to keep for a lifetime.   

6. How long does it take for Ace + Spade to ship?
All orders ship within 48 hours. Your delivery time can depend on your location, your selected shipping method, and the import process in your home country.